The film explores bias in the police force when dealing with gender based violence in the Solomon Islands through the journey of one woman and her struggle to access polioce and justice services. 

The story is based on a composite of stories from Women’s Experiences of Family Violence Services in Solomon Islands, a research report detailing the experience of 120 women who have used or attempted to use police and other services since the passing of the Family Protection Act and its entering into force in 2016. The report found of the 107 women who went to police stations for help over 149 times the most common information provided by police was to go home, “think about it” first and other forms of discouragement. The film asks the questions, is this right? and who is the real hero in this situation? 

The intent of the film is to raise awareness among male police officers and other males about the bias in attitudes towards gender based violence by flipping genders in several situations.

Production Company

Sukwadi Media is Solomon Islands’ premier film production company specializing in films about social and environmental issues. Sukwadi Media films have won the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Pan Pacific Award, FIFO Oceania Documentary Festival Pitch Award and Native Lens Film Festival Best Feature Film Award and been screened on international television networks in Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

Facebook: Sukwadi Media  

Production Team

Anouk Ride is a researcher, film-maker and award winning non-fiction writer working in the Pacific Islands. See: www.anoukride.com and find her on LinkedIn: Anouk Ride. 
Email: anouk.ride.com@gmail.com
Adilah Dolaiano is a film-maker and the Director of Sukwadi Media, Solomon Islands’ premier film production company specialising in content about social and environmental issues. See  
www.youtube.com/sukwadimedia and find Sukwadi Media on Facebook.
Email: sukwadimedia@gmail.com
Georgianna “Jojo” Lepping is a film-maker, activist, writer and freelance media professional based in the Solomon Islands. See more on Sky Aelans and ChangeMakers sites and find her on Facebook: Jojo M Lepping
Email: gijoleps@gmail.com
Solomon Maneoru is a music producer and sound engineer for record label Kokros Records which produces traditional and modern music from the Solomon Islands. See more on the Kokros Records stream on SoundCloud and find Solomon Maneoru on LinkedIn.
Email: solomonmaneoru@gmail.com

Family Support Centre

Family Support Centre is a local non governmental organisation that was established in 1995 to address the high incidence of domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse and rape in the Solomon Islands. 
FSC is to use the film for discussions with police force and in other community awareness. 


Hero-ine Cast & Crew
Hero-ine Cast & Crew


Director & Screenwriter
Anouk Ride

Assistant Director
Georgianna Lepping

Cinematographer & Editor
Adilah Dolaiano

Solomon Maneoru

Heroine Actress
Jasmine Kalisalo (first time actress)

Hero Actor
Billy Mola

Force Actor
Morris Maemae

Makeup & Special Effects
Georgianna Lepping, Morris Maemae, Anouk Ride