Papua New Guinea

Title: Strongpela Meri” (Strong Women). 

The film highlights the resilience of women in and around Goroka in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea during the 28 day national Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, providing food for their families and as table mamas selling produce in the streets. The film features Ms. Eriko Fufurefa, president and the founder of KUSWA (Kafe Urban Settlers Women’s Association), a Goroka based NGO which addresses Gender Based Violence. She reflects on the pandemic’s impact on marginalized women and the government role in addressing emergencies for urban settlers and people in rural communities.

Producer: Lilly Sar 

Directors: Pikacha McLeen & Eggert Gunnarsson

Centre for Social and Creative Media at the University of Goroka. 

CSCMgives a voice to the communities through the use of media and developing local research and development

Contact: L. Sar:


Title: “From the market to the parliament

Women leaders and the effects of Covid 19 restrictions in Arawa, Bougainville Island. The film explores local women’s responses to the restrictions imposed in Arawa during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic & how women emerged as leaders during this time. 

Producer/Director: Llane Munau


Solomon Islands

Title: “Hero-ine

The film Hero-ine aims to make people think about attitudes towards gender through the story of male and female heroes in trouble. A key partner in the project, Family Support Centre, will use the film and small grant funding from the project to discuss attitudes towards gender with local authorities. Family Support Centre is a local non-governmental organisation that was established in 1995 to address the high incidence of domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse and rape in the Solomon Islands. 


Producer & Director : Anouk Ride 

Assistant Director: JoJo Lepping

Company: Sukwadi Media




Title:  “Te Ala kite Mae (‘A path to violence’)

Te Ala kite Mae looks at domestic violence through the story of a young Tuvaluan couple who live in a traditional setting. The aim of the film is to create awareness amongst the youth about the impact of domestic violence on women. 

Filmmaker: Tala Simeti


Samoa 1

Title: “Resilience

The impact of the pandemic on Samoans and everyday life.This film examines the impact of COVID -19 in Samoa, in a country without a confirmed case. It shares the intimacy of the struggle for normalcy, the economic impact of a tourist industry left decimated and of organizations working in the communities to support vulnerable families.

Producer: Ramona Boodoosingh and team from National University of Samoa. 

Leota Khosrow Siisiialafia – Filmmaker

Joshua Lafoai – Journalist

Misa Vicky Lepou – Research


Samoa 2
Title: “TBA”
Working with a local community, Steve’s film explores how Samoan culture can help support gender equality. In this film a well known proverbial expression reveals a cultural basis for gender equality and a respectful regard for women and girls. 

Filmmaker: Steve Percival, Tiapapata Arts Centre



Title: Weaving the Streets

Weaving the Streets tells the story of Rani, a trans woman growing up in a Fijian village and the struggle and suffering she has faced, leaving home while still in high school to “work the streets” as a sex worker. This story is about her determination to be who she is and her courage to change her identity and gender while facing discrimination, hardship and violence.

Directors: : Larry Thomas & Joji Nabalarua (X’isle Productions)


2nd camera: Wais Tavatuilagi

Twitter: @JojiNabalarua


Wanem ia Fos is about consent in sexual relations. Patricia, the chief’s daughter, has to leave school and go back to the village. Her father fears life will be quiet for a girl who has lived in town, but all is not quiet in the village.

Produced by Wan Smol Bag Theatre, Vanuatu.  

More info about Wan Smol Bag:

Tonga (not currently screening)

Producer: ‘Ofa-Ki-Levuka Guttenbeil-Likiliki 

Women and Children’s Crisis Centre, Tonga

“His Land, My Land” highlights the impacts of land laws and the lack of land rights and access to property on women and girls in Tonga.  

– this film will be released in March 2021


16 Days of Activism: