Te Ala kite Mae (‘A path to violence’)

Te Ala kite Mae looks at domestic violence through the story of a young Tuvaluan couple who live in a traditional setting. The aim of the film is to create awareness amongst the youth about the impact of domestic violence on women. 

The name of the film is called – Te Ala kite Mae meaning ‘A path to violence’, it tells the story of a Tuvaluan young couple who lives in a traditional setting and the main causes of domestic violence that are associated with this lifestyle.

This is Tala’s first film aside from short videos.  He is keen to develop more filmmaking skills and learn about making films that have meaning and impact. 

Filmmaker: Tala Simeti

Contact:  t.sim2616@gmail.com 


Husband and wife in A Path to Violence
Husband and Wife in A Path to Violence


Tala Simeti